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Istanbul, 21 February 2013> Startup financing? One Turk Gets Angel Heavy

Istanbul, 01 January 2013> Turkey's Tech Businesses: Boom on the Bosporus

Istanbul, 03 December 2012> Logipark, 113k developed/leased by the end of 2012

Istanbul, 03 December 2012> Logipark, 3rd phase (17,000 sqm), currently under construction, to be completed mid-2013

Manisa, 10 August 2012>

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AccessTurkey Capital Group (“AccessTurkey”), one of the most distinct and unique private investment firms in Turkey, was founded in 1999. Our operations are divided into four business units: hedge fund, venture capital, private equity, and real estate. Our investment approach is built on a multi-disciplinary deal team of seasoned investment professionals with in-house as well as external industry specific expertise & relationships and value added operational experience. Each business unit's unique investment philosophy and disciplined investment process has produced a track record with exceptional returns.

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