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AccessTurkey PE is dedicated to bringing operational and financial sophistication to middle-market companies. We bring together private equity and operational experience, as well as relationships with leading international executives from a broad array of industries, with focus on producing superior long-term returns for our investors and management partners.

A Focus on Middle-market Opportunities
As long-term investors, we believe the greatest opportunity lies in middle-market companies. Over the last several years, there has been an increasingly large differential in both the average size of new private equity funds, as well as the average size of private equity investments. This has created a relative undersupply of institutional, long-term capital for middle-market companies. As a result, we see a great need for experienced and sophisticated private equity and operational professionals to provide long-term, sustainable value and capital for middle-market business owners.

Commitment to Partnerships with Family Owned Businesses
AccessTurkey PE is committed to working with family owned businesses as they are the primary driver of growth in the Turkish economy and the largest contributor to GNP and new job growth. As the Turkish economy continues to expand at a rapid pace, family business owners must continuously evolve their business models to keep pace with an ever changing, highly competitive market. This calls for fresh strategies, new areas of profitable growth, and additional sources of talent. AccessTurkey PE is actively looking to identify and partner with family owned businesses who are seeking professionals who can support them in tackling these challenges. AccessTurkey PE provides growth capital to these businesses so that they may:

• Deliver & support growth, both organically and through acquisitions;

• Restructure shareholdings to increase levels of equity for management, to accommodate departure of a major shareholder, to optimize the capital structure for passing on the business to the next generation, or to prepare for an eventual public listing;

• De-gear overstretched balance sheets - successful companies with high gearing may find it difficult to capitalize on market opportunities. AccessTurkey PE can help improve the balance of equity to debt to help family businesses realize their full growth potential.

When partnering with family businesses, AccessTurkey PE advises management on business directions by applying our deep knowledge of industry sectors to help make strategic acquisitions & improve operational efficiencies. AccessTurkey PE will also open up its extensive network of contacts throughout Turkey, Europe, the United States, and the Middle East so that these businesses may enter new territories and create or expand new product lines.

Control-Oriented Investments
AccessTurkey PE focuses on equity investments for leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations, consolidation platforms, and growth capital for closely-held private enterprises, owner-operated businesses, corporate spin-offs, and special situation opportunities. We seek lead roles in control-oriented investments in middle-market transactions in partnership with management and existing owners. We will also selectively consider co-investment opportunities in larger transactions in which we can add value alongside equity partners aligned with our investment philosophy.

A critical component to our investment philosophy is developing and maintaining a true partnership with management. Together with existing management, we will endeavor to create long-term, sustainable value by actively working with and supporting our portfolio companies.


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