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Founded in 1999, AccessTurkey Opportunities Fund, LLC (“The Fund”) has one of the longest and the best track records in Turkey as a single country fund. The Fund invests in a limited number of companies after conducting extensive fundamental research and engage with them over an extended period of time. Our value investing style with a contrarian and long-term perspective enable us to capitalize on mispricing in the market. The Fund also trades around the core positions to take advantage of market volatility and primarily focuses on stocks with significant discount to intrinsic value. We look for and rank investment opportunities based on the following characteristics:

  1. Very attractive valuation leaving room for execution mistakes.
  2. Large and growing market opportunity.
  3. Visibility in revenue growth.
  4. Strong market position and/or brand value
  5. Opportunities to expand sustainable operating margins.
  6. Clean balance sheet
  7. Hidden Assets
  8. Reputable and accessible management team
  9. Reputable and financially strong majority shareholder
  10. Misunderstood story and /or negative analyst/investor sentiment.

Hedge fund performance as ranked by the BarclayHedge's database

This fund was ranked based on the data in BarclayHedge's Database of hedge fund managers


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